About Us


Ygl iBay International Sdn Bhd was established in 2008 in Malaysia, with branch offices in Hong Kong and Beijing. It has evolved to become a mineral ores service platform specialized in Iron Ore, Bauxite, Nickel and other commodities.

In June 18, 2009, followed by the listing of Malaysia’s Ygl Group, it has actively involved in co-financing with other famous enterprises, home and abroad. In Beijing, China, the company has established a commitment to provide professional solutions for international procurement of investment in foreign enterprises, with the founder of Ygl iBay International Sdn Bhd, Mr. Eng Ging Kiat, as the first president.

Since the establishment of Ygl iBay International Sdn Bhd, the company's position has been located into areas of deep plowing as the procurement strategy. From the concept to market introduction of the bidding procurement practice, the company now provides more comprehensive service to business to better meet the different needs of enterprises and institutions. The products, starting from the initial procurement auction effects and now has been developed to the e-auction procurement platform, consulting and integrated product system of international trade, with lots of famous enterprises home and abroad to establish a long-term strategic partnership. Until now, all have been served by Ygl iBay International’s domestic and foreign companies had signed customer service that reduced the cost in the field of procurement, and significantly improved the department's purchasing power.  

Ygl iBay International Sdn Bhd rely on thirsty demand, strong financial strength and resources; with the effort of a professional procurement team, the company is now to form a headquarters in Beijing, China, in accordance with the Zhong Shan (China), Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore branch operations. 

In addition to the business scope to cover the Asia-Pacific region, Ygl iBay International Sdn Bhd will always strive, constantly, to expand its field of global sourcing operations. It is for you to expand the company into the global operations, and also help us to provide a strong support to our esteemed clients!